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Mount Dora Babe Ruth Board


Doug Reichwein

Vice President of League/Baseball:

Ross Kempster

 Vice President of Softball:

Kristen Springstead


Liz Smith


James Bevlin

Players Agent:

Ross Kempster

Umpire in Chief: 

Melina Simmons

Coaches Coordinator:

Ross Kempster

Concession Chairperson:

Kait Bronson

Social Media Manager:

 Liz Smith

Team Parent Coordinator:

 Kara Gary

Scheduling Coordinator:

 Lisa Tomkins

Registration Coordinator:

Lisa Tomkins

Uniform Coordinator:

Kristin Reichwein

Fundraising Coordinator: 

Kristin Reichwein

All-Star Coordinator:

Chancey Springstead

Sponsorship Coordinator

Amanda Johns

Equipment Manager:


Board Member At-Large:

Sally Alford

Board Member At-Large:

Micah Robinson


Executive Board

Position Descriptions

League President

The League President shall perform the following duties: • Preside at all league meetings. • Assume full responsibility for the operation of the local league. • Appoint all committees and supervise the activity thereof. • See that his league adheres to the rules, regulations and policies of Babe Ruth League, Inc. • Be sure the charter application or continuation form is submitted to Babe Ruth Headquarters. Need to check if is still called continuation/charter app • Be responsible for local league protests and disputes • Review finances with Treasurer

Vice-President of League/Baseball

Presides in the absence of the President and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President. For those leagues chartering both baseball and softball programs, and where the League President is not the individual administering the BASEBALL program, the appointment of a Baseball Director is advised. Mailings from Headquarters will be addressed to the Baseball Director, and Babe Ruth Baseball will recognize the Baseball Director as the decision-maker for the league in matters pertaining to baseball.

Vice President of Softball

May preside in the absence of the President and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.  For those leagues chartering both baseball and softball programs, and where the League President is not the individual administering the SOFTBALL program, the appointment of a Softball Director is advised. Mailings from Headquarters will be addressed to the Softball Director, and Babe Ruth Baseball will recognize the Softball Director as the decision-maker for the league in matters pertaining to softball.


Records the minutes of meetings. The secretary is also responsible for sending out notice of regular and special meetings, maintaining an official record of the league’s activities, and notifying all officers of election and the names of newly elected members of the Board. Secretary will create FB events on the Board page with upcoming meetings. Agenda items will be gathered from FB page and Agenda created prior to meeting. Meeting minutes are uploaded to google share drive and FB Board Page directly following meeting. Board approves previous month’s meeting minutes at each board meeting.


Signs checks, (should be one of the “two signatures” required), dispenses league funds as approved by league officers, reports on the status of league funds, keeps financial records, prepares budget and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances.

Other Board Position Descriptions

Player Agent

Conducts annual league registration and tryouts, presides at player selection meetings, supervises and coordinates the transfer of players, keeps up-to-date records of team rosters, checks players’ Mount Dora Babe Ruth July 10, 2017 Bylaws Page 25 of 26 eligibility. (See pages 19 for complete description of Player Agent’s duties and pages 19-20 for Player Selection System). Check to make sure page numbers line-up.

Concessions Chairperson

1. Secure enough personnel for operation of stand. Volunteers from HS. 2. Secure necessary supplies for stand. 3. Maintain records of purchases and provide documentation to treasurer 5. Make arrangements for food deliveries.

Fundraising / Sponsorship Coordinator

1. Evaluate league needs and prepare a budget. 2. Create a subcommittee to assist in sponsorship organization, collaboration, and solicitation.

Team Parent Coordinator

League Administrator. Responsible for communication with the team parents, works with Concession Chairperson to coordinate team concession. Schedules parent meeting, orders uniforms and t rophies.

Social Media/Website Manager

Responsible for updating the league’s informational resources, online rosters and registration and act as the primary contact in conjunction with the official online provider. 

Equipment Manager

1. Inventory Equipment 2. Provide board with a list of equipment needed for upcoming season. 3. Assign Equipment bags to each coach 4. Maintain Ball Inventory

All-Star Coordinator

Responsible for runnnig the Mount Dora Babe Ruth Allstar Programs. Coordinates Coach selection and player selection. Completes and Verifies each book is in compliance to Babe Ruth League Standards. Verifies payment for each tournament. Secures uniforms for All-Stars. Help in finding fundraising for AllStars.

Clinic Coordinator

Proper instruction of all players within the league should – and must – be of paramount importance. The Clinic Coordinator should arrange with local high school, and/or college coaches or other knowledgeable baseball and softball sources to conduct an instructional clinic(s) for all managers and coaches within the league. How to organize a successful one hour and a half practice session that will keep all players active, interested and enthused, must be stressed.


The Umpire-ln-Chief is appointed by the League President or Softball Director to coordinate and supervise the league’s umpires and be responsible for the following duties: • Assign umpires to all league games. • Conduct clinics on rules and field positions. • Be responsible for notifying umpires of cancellations. • Recruit new umpires. • Be responsible for proper dress and conduct of all umpires. • Be sure all umpires know proper local league protest procedures. It is recommended the individual selected for this position be a member of the Babe Ruth League National Umpires A

Scheduling Coordinator

Works with UIC and other leagues to coordinate schedules. Create subcommittee for review and additional assistance with creating schedules. Manages field availability for practice and games. Works with Team Parent Coordinator a and Concession Chair Person to coordinate.

Coaches Coordinator

Help solicit and secure coaches for each season. Serve as the point of contact for coaches. Work with Clinic Coordinator to host coaching clinic prior to first practice. Schedule Coaches Meeting during Registration to set t one for season and share contact information. Schedule End of Season Round Table.

Background Check Coordinator

Responsilbe for ensuring each volunteer has completed the required Backgrounds to be allowed on the Fields. Verifies that each Volunteer has completed Absue Class every 2 years or as required by the league. Responsible for securing Codes for Coaches and Volunteers to take abuse training class.

Picture Coordinator

Secures photographer. Schedules picture day for each team. Communicates schedule with Team Parent Coordinator. Works directly with photographer to provi de rosters and any additional information needed to make day of picture day run smoothly. On site during team pictures as point of contact.

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